About us

Cuts lawn care: Our history and mission

Cuts Lawn Care is a professional lawn service and landscaping company based in Dallas-Fort Worth Texas. We offer a comprehensive list of lawn care and landscaping services for both residential and commercial properties across DFW.

We began as a local lawn mowing service in mansfield

In 2018, Cuts Lawn Care was founded by Blake Rigsby, who started with providing yard mowing services to his local community. Thanks to his unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch services and his willingness to exceed clients’ expectations, the company experienced rapid growth.

Expanding our services

Shortly after starting with mowing services, we decided to broaden our horizons. We delved into various services, fine-tuning our expertise in landscaping, landscape design, yard clean-up, and more. Today, we proudly offer a diverse range of lawn care and landscaping services that can elevate any outdoor space to a professional standard of beauty. Our primary focus is on delivering high-quality landscaping that not only enhances aesthetics but also boosts property value and guards against erosion.

  • 70+ acres maintained
  • 310+ Satisfied Customers
  • 5+ Years Experience
Blake’s original lawn mowing setup – a small trailer pulled by a classic truck.

As a young teen, Blake Rigsby started his journey in lawn care and landscaping, which you can see in this picture. His love for making outdoor spaces beautiful began at a young age and eventually led to the creation of Cuts Lawn Care. Blake’s story shows that when you follow your passion from a young age, it can turn into something amazing. Today, Cuts Lawn Care continues his commitment to providing great services and making every yard look fantastic.

What makes us special

Our Core Values

Cuts Lawn Care was founded on the principles of exceptional quality and creating a family-like atmosphere with our clients. We believe that your outdoor space should not only be beautiful but also a place where you feel at home.

Family Environment

Becoming a Cuts Lawn Care client means you’re joining a family.

Quality Work

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality work.

Excellent Communication

We communicate with you every step of the way.

Ready to get started?

Join the Cuts Family

Join our Cuts family today and experience the difference. We’re not just a lawn care company; we’re your dedicated partners in creating and maintaining the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of. Let’s work together to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood, and let’s do it with a smile and a strong sense of community.

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Thank you for considering Cuts Lawn Care for your lawn and landscaping needs. We look forward to welcoming you into our growing family of satisfied clients.

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